Hi Guys, Welcome to FREE JOKES POETRY  and let me introduce me to you. Like you I am also a normal person who has passionate to learn new strategies and share with others so that which thing I got after too much searching and spending many hours to learn they could learn easily only come to my websites. I am an Advertiser by Education, SEO and Blogger by passion. I have finished my schooling in 2004 and finished My Degree B.Sc. from HP university Shimla in 2011. Still I am learning to design new websites. I started my career from Pawan web world as SEO Executive in 2016. Now I am odesker and blogger. I love music and movies.

FREE JOKES POETRY  basically focus on jokes which can make anyone laugh and the heart touching poetry .
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pawan05258Kumar
Whatsapp : 9145055611

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