Funny English jokes

Funny English jokes

Boy-Wow itna bada ghar??

Girl – Haa hum paise waale hai??

Boy- Wow itni badi Car??

Girl – Ha…! hum paise waale hai??

Boy- Oh my God itna Sona bhi hai????? ??

Girl – Ha hum paise waale hai??

Boy – Ye lo letter?….

Girl – What is this??? ?

Boy – Hum Income Tax Wale haii

Girl- OMG????????

1st comedy of the year…

Songs Lyrics in Hindi And English


A new metal is added to chemistry:
Name: WIFE
Symbol: Bv
Atomic Weight: light when first found …tends to get heavier over the years with time.
Physical properties:
Boils at any time
Can freeze at any time
Melts if treated with love
Very bitter if mishandled

Chemical properties:
Very reactive
Highly unstable
Possess strong affinity towards gold, silver, diamond, platinum, credit cards, debit cards etc.
Cheque books
Money reducing agent

Occurrence: mostly found in front of the mirror.
Please circulate to all scientists.


*Can’t stop laughing..*?

I was buying fruits  at the junction while waiting for change I saw an elderly woman with a little child. The child was walking a bit faster than the woman and the woman shouted, “Degree! Wait for me!”

I was so amazed hearing that name. So to satisfy my curiousity, I walked closer to the woman and asked, “Grand Ma, why do you call this child Degree?”

The woman laughed and said, “I sent her mother to the University and this is what she brought home…” ?

Dont laugh alone plz..???

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