Jokes ka adda 9

Jokes ka adda 9

हमारे एडमिन पेड़ पर उल्टे लटके हुए थे.

मैने पूछा – क्या हो गया एडमिन साहब?

वे बोले – कुछ नहीं, सिर दर्द की गोली  खाई है, कहीं पेट में ना चली जाए.!!!,


Songs Lyrics in Hindi And English

Sardar ring a call centre . “ my internet is not working properly”
Officer: ok” double click on my computer “.
Sardar : I can’t see your computer”.
Officer: no no click on “my computer “ on your computer.
Sardar : how I can click on your computer from my computer?
Officer : listen there is an icon labeled” my computer” on your computer , double click on it .
Sardar : what a hell? What is your computer doing on my computer?
Officer:” double click on your computer”.
Sardar: on which icon I’ve to click?
Officer: my computer.
Sardar: “ oh teri…. Pagal insaan tell me where is your office?i’ll come there and click on your computer.

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