Valentine’s day Traditions

Valentine’s Day Traditions

Valentine’s day has become one of the most widely known celebration across the world. Earlier we knew it only as the birthday of Pope Valentine who was in the favour of love but lately the day has become synonymous among the masses to celebrate and express their love.

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But do you there are a number of strange valentine day traditions that is prevalent across many countries and you will be amazed to know them. Have a look at some of the major valentine day traditions –

  1. France – Paris is considered as one of the most romantic city of the world. And in france only the first valentine’s day card came into picture when Charles who was the duke of Orleans sent a love card to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London.

Another very popular tradition in France is to fill up the house facing one another and then both the genders used to call each other’s name and this is the time when men used to leave their wife or partner and go for the other one. Now, for the women who were left behind they used to gather around bonfire and then burn the pictures of men who left them. Gradually the tradition became uncontrollable and the French Government stopped the tradition.

  1. Taiwan – In Taiwan the tradition of Valentine’s day and white day is reversed. On valentine day men gift women chocolates and cards and women reciprocate the same on white day by gifting the same to the men they love or they have received from.
  2. Japan – In Japan women are believed to be shy and reserved. But on the eve of Valentine’s day they come out of their shell and gift their partner gifts or most preferably chocolates. Earlier in 1930s some chocolate company came up with the first ad and associated valentine’s day with the day of gifting chocolates to your loved ones. Gradually all the chocolate companies took it over and now Japan is well known on valentine’s day for the day to exchange chocolates much more than gifts.
  3. Finland – In Finland valentine day is better known as friendship day. This is the day where not only your loved ones but mostly your friends exchange gifts. But in Finland 14th February is considered as one of the most auspicious day to get married or take the next big step in your life.
  4. England – In 1700s England had a very interesting Valentine day tradition. Single women used to place five bay leaves at each corner of their pillows and one at the center so that they could dream about the man of their life. Another variation of this tradition is that single ladies used to sprinkle rose water on the bay leaves and pray to God that they want to see the love of their life in their dreams.
  5. China – In China Valentine’ day is also known as Qixi. During Qixi women offer fruits and melons to Zhinu, who was a heavenly king’s daughter in hope of finding a good husband. Couples also visit temples in order to seek blessings for their life ahead. And at night people look at heaven to have a look at the stars Vega and Altair who come closer during their annual reunion period.
  6. Italy – In Italy Valentine day is synonymous with spring festival. Couples take a walk in gardens. Also, it was believed that women used to wake up early and look for a man. It was said that the first men who she will see during that hour of the morning will be the man she will marry within a year or closely resemble the man she will marry. But at present the most popular tradition in Italy is exchange of gifts and chocolates.
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